Samstag, 26. Dezember 2015

Hi folks,

after a long time - here are some information of what is coming next with CCoM 11.1. First of all Anvart's mod "LSH3-5_DFa-Flag&Penns_2010" is completly integrated in CCoM - with the pennants:

Crew management, Officer icons an Barraks are made by JohnFB. The best Officer icons (from the movie "Das Boot") i ever seen.

But we have new ships and planes. First one is the HMS Skate destroyer by the_frog:

And by Testpilot1978 a reworked version of the P 38 Lightning .

Last but not least a sort of "Eye Candy" - ihe imaginary "Haunebu III" fliying disk. You only can see it after May, 8th 19455 and only far away in the southern hemisphere

At the moment i can't say when will be release of CCoM 11.1. I'm still waiting for some new works - hope they will come soon.

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