Donnerstag, 12. Februar 2015

Hi folks,

after a long time here some information about new features in CCoM 11.0. I reworked all U-Boat emblems and the UV-mapping of all U-Boat Turms. The result is: est. 50% of the emblems are mirrored,. Look at this example of the "running devil" from U-552:

The "devil" is runnig to the bow on both sides of the turm. Emblems with words of numbers or unique emblems of cities etc.are not mirrored - they stay that way like this one:

That means the complete strukture of the (emblems) TGA files is reworked. The TGA files now look like this one:

Nearly 300 TGA files (emblems) are reworked and the UV-mapping of 16 turms  too. Now i'll try to update the "menu_1024_768.ini" so that the emlems look nice when you choose one. If you have an emblem but you don't like it on your new U-Boat you can choose from the flotilla emblems or - that's new - choose "No Emblem":

That's for the moment. Date of release CCoM 11.0 will be in the first half of 2015. CCoM ist nearly complete - perhaps i'll get some good ideas to release them with CCoM 11.0


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