Donnerstag, 7. August 2014

Hi folks,

as you know "after release is before release". That's why i'm working on the next version, a full version CCoM 11.0. ATM i've embedded 4 objects - one ship and three aircrafts. All converted from the gerat Mod "Sovjet Waterways" by the SOM-Group.

First of all is the light cruiser "Krasny Krym", a very fine model of that ship  that was serving in the Black Sea.

For the Black Sea patrol (if you are stationed in the 29. Flotilla in summer 1943) you can see this turkish aircraft Dewoitine D.510.

The following two planes are sovjets fighter and bomber, who also served in in the Black Sea theatre, but not only there. First of all, the fighter Polikarpow I-16.

And last but not least the sovjet bomber Petljakow Pe-2.

Special thanks to VAA who made these wonderful planes and VAA plus Dagon for the beautiful "Krasny Krym",

But it will take some time until release of CCoM 11.0. More things to come - i hope. And i know, i'm absulolutly sure.


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